Nineteenth-Century Art

A Critical History


A fifth edition of this classic textbook, revised and updated throughout


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Stephen F. Eisenman


Written by a group of highly respected art historians, the fifth edition of this classic book now features full-colour artworks throughout, new chapter introductions, examinations of key ideas, and other helpful pedagogical support.

Emphasizing the vitality of 19th-century art, the authors demonstrate how paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings by David, GĂ©ricault, Turner, Homer, Cassatt, Rodin, Van Gogh and many others remain relevant today. Using evocative and lucid prose, the authors reveal how concerns about class and gender, race and ethnicity, modernity and tradition, and popular and elite culture – ideas that arose in the course of the 19th century – motivated artists and propelled the movements under review.

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Stephen F. Eisenman is Professor of Art History at Northwestern University. He is the author of The Temptation of Saint Redon and Gauguin's Skirt, and has curated numerous exhibitions, including Design in the Age of Darwin, The Ecology of Impressionism and William Blake in the Age of Aquarius. He conceived and edited this book, and is its principal author. Additional chapters were written by Thomas Crow, Brian Lukacher, Linda Nochlin, David Llewellyn Phillips and Frances K. Pohl. Linda Nochlin, widely acknowledged for having pioneered feminist art history, died in October 2017.