Reclaim the Street

Street Photography's Moment



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Stephen McLaren, Matt Stuart


A vibrant survey of the trends and talents across the globe fuelling street photography today and a fresh take of what street photography is and can be.

A world tour of the very best street photography today, Reclaim the Street showcases work by more than 100 contemporary photographers, from the established to the emerging, from all corners of the globe: here is work by Indian practitioner Swarat Ghosh, Thai photographer Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet (aka Poupay), and the Brazilian photographer Gustavo Minas. Truly diverse in scope, it pays long overdue attention to flourishing scenes throughout the world, interweaving thirty-four photographer portfolios, in-depth case studies, and surveys of the geographical hotspots where communities of street photographers are thriving today. Great photographic minds don’t think alike, nor are two streets identical: follow these photographers as they capture snapshots of people and places perpetually in flux.

The global, and ultimately optimistic and humanistic edge of Reclaim the Street will deepen its readers’ love of photography, as well as leave them inspired by the places and people captured through today’s sharpest lenses.

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Publication date 6 April 2023
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Dimensions 26.2 x 30.4 cm
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Stephen McLaren is the co-author of the acclaimed Street Photography Now and editor of Magnum Streetwise. A writer for the British Journal of Photography, he has also presented histories of street photography at Tate Liverpool, The School of Life and various international street photography festivals. Matt Stuart is one of the leading street photographers working today and the author of All That Life Can Afford and Think Like a Street Photographer. He has exhibited his work and taught street photography all over the globe.