Roman Britain

A New History


An illuminating account of Britain as a Roman province which sets the Roman conquest and occupation within the larger context of Romano-British society


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Guy de la Bédoyère


For this revised edition the text, illustrations and bibliography have been updated to incorporate new research and recent discoveries, including the Frome Hoard, the largest Roman coin hoard ever found in Britain, evidence at Silchester of possible lavish building work after the Boudican revolt, the thirty decapitated male skeletons found in York – possibly the victims of a massacre – as well as the magnificent Crosby Garrett parade helmet.

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Publication date 7 November 2013
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Dimensions 17.8 x 25.1 cm
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Guy de la Bédoyère is a frequent contributor to television programmes on archaeology and popular history.Among his other books are Hadrian's Wall - History and Guide, The Golden Age of Roman Britain and A Companion to Roman Britain.