The Japanese Warrior's (Unofficial) Manual


This book paints a dramatic picture of what it was really like to be a Samurai


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Stephen Turnbull


It is 1615, and the Samurai, Japan’s elite fighting class, are at the zenith of their powers. Trained in every manner of combat, from sword-fighting and archery to karate and ju-jutsu, the Samurai warrior is the emperor’s last line of defence against the barbarians of Japan and beyond. Take up your sword, young Samurai! This handy manual tells you everything you need to know about maintaining the honour of the Samurai class both on and off the battlefield.

Learn how to master the ‘Way Of The Warrior’, whom you should kill, and what to do with their heads afterwards. Discover what the cultured Samurai does between battles, how to storm or lay siege to a castle and how to conduct a tea ceremony with Zen-like composure. With this handy guide you will never be at a loss should you need to command and maintain an army – you will even know how to prepare for entry into the White Jade Pavilion after your death.

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Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 1 February 2012
Number of pages 192
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Dimensions 13.1 x 20.6 cm
Weight 442 g
Stephen Turnbull is Lecturer on Japanese Religion at Leeds University and Visiting Professor of Japanese Studies at Akita International University in Japan. He is the author of many other books on Japan and samurai warriors.