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Jonathan Walford


A must-have for any shoe or fashion addict, Shoes A-Z tells the story of sixty years of shoes. This fun yet authoritative book covers more than 350 leading women’s shoes designers and manufacturers, and includes a vast range of fashionable styles, from trainers to haute couture. Each illustrated entry features photographs, sketches and advertisements, and highlights how shoe designers have become heroes of popular culture.

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Weight 1061 g
Dimensions 22.1 x 20.5 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 25 October 2010
Number of pages 256
Format Hardback
Dimensions 22.1 x 20.5 cm
Weight 1061 g


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Jonathan Walford has held curatorial positions with several institutions, including the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, of which he was founding curator. He now runs his own company, Kickshaw Productions, which promotes the history of fashion through a variety of media and venues.