The 12 Steps. Symbols, Myths, and Archetypes of Recovery



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Massara, Kikan


Drawing on art, literature, and scientific research, scholar and therapist Kikan Massara delves into the Twelve Steps – the widely used and respected program of recovery. Developed in the early 20th century to address alcoholism, the Twelve Step program was later found to be an effective tool in aiding recovery for all types of addictions and compulsive behaviors.
Now for the very first time, Twelve Step recovery is linked to a visual narrative. This inspiring edition features over 150 timeless and compelling works of art – from antiquity to the present day – to metaphorically describe a soulful path toward healing and transformation using these principles of recovery that continue to help millions.
Featuring in-depth studies by leading experts in several converging fields, the book examines the history behind the Twelve Steps, from the program’s origins in Depression-era America to building a foundation for recovery that incorporates concepts identified by psychologist C. G. Jung. The volume also offers relevant insight into the meaning of addiction in today’s society. With striking imagery, literary quotations, and psychological references, the Twelve Step program is reintroduced to a wider audience as timely, accessible, and constructive. At a time of radical change and opportunity, this visual edition honors the transformative power of these universal principles and thoughtfully explores ways of aligning with them.

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