The British Surrealists


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Desmond Morris


The lives, loves and works of key British Surrealists revealed by one of the last surviving members of this movement, bestselling author and artist Desmond Morris.

Fêted for their idiosyncratic and imaginative works, the surrealists marked a pivotal moment in the history of modern art in Britain. Many banded together to form the British Surrealist Group, while others carved their own, independent paths.

Here, bestselling author and surrealist artist Desmond Morris – one of the last surviving members of this important art movement – draws on his personal memories and experiences to present the intriguing life stories and complex love lives of this wild and curious set of artists. From the unpredictability of Francis Bacon to the rebelliousness of Leonora Carrington, from the beguiling Eileen Agar to the ‘brilliant’ Ceri Richards, Morris brings his subjects’ foibles and frailties to the fore.

His vivid account is laced with his inimitable wit, and profusely illustrated by images of the artists and their artworks. Featuring thirty-four surrealists – some famous, some forgotten – Morris’s intimate book takes us back in time to a generation that allowed its creative unconscious to drive their passions in both art and life.

With 105 illustrations

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Desmond Morris is one of the last surviving Surrealists. His first solo exhibition was held in 1948 and in 1950 he shared his first London show with Joan Miró. He has since completed over 2,500 Surrealist paintings, and eight books have been published about his work. He has also written many books, one of which - The Naked Ape - ranks among the top 100 bestsellers of all time, with over 12 million copies sold.