The Gourmand’s Lemon. A Collection of Stories and Recipes


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The Gourmand


The deceptively simple lemon takes center stage in the second volume of TASCHEN’s collaboration with The Gourmand, masters of the rich intersection of food and art. The star of Renaissance gardens, that shaped the Medici dynasty, have the power to ward off scurvy, had a hand in forming the mob, and whose juice has been used as an invisible ink since 600 CE to pen covert messages, these joyful yellow orbs are ripe with intrigue. The Gourmand charts the fruit’s astonishingly intricate genealogy, explores its role as a literary device for the likes of Joan Didion, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tom Wolfe, and James Joyce, and examines its unique representation of the American dream through lemonade stands. A favorite subject of art history’s giants, the lemon captivates in the still lifes of Old Masters and inspired the breakthroughs of modern visionaries like Picasso, Matisse, and Warhol. Lemons also find themselves at the cutting edge of design in Philippe Starck’s iconic Juicy Salif and the unassuming yet revolutionary Jif Lemon. Their presence extends to the decorative arts, gracing everything from Arts and Crafts wallpapers to mythological ceramics. Even the famed Bloomsbury Group found lemons entangled in their literary love affairs. Accompanying these citrus-centric anecdotes are a foreword by chef and acclaimed food writer Simon Hopkinson and an introduction by art critic and author Jennifer Higgie alongside more than 60 lemon-infused recipes across global cuisines and for every occasion-including perfect poultry, decadent sauces, classic cocktails, and indulgent desserts, with custom photography by Bobby Doherty.

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Dimensions 19.990000000000002 x 27.889999999999997 cm
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