The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World



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John Haywood


No other book presents the story of the Celts so graphically and accessibly. Ranging over archaeology and military, cultural, literary and political history, this is a superb volume and an ideal introduction to one of Europe’s most inventive and influential people.

Taking into account academic controversies over the historical identity of the Celts and the latest research, the atlas examines the Continental Celts, the Atlantic Celts (Britain and Ireland) and the Celtic identity in the modern world.

Each map is accompanied by an authoritative text and supporting illustrations and the book explores all aspects of the Celtic identity – from their languages to Druids, sanctuaries, temples, hillforts and brooches. It considers Celtic origins in the Bronze Age and their remarkable migrations across Europe in the Iron Age right through to the spread of Celts to all corners of the globe, from North America to Patagonia, South Africa and Australia, and the Celtic Revival.

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John Haywood is Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of History, University of Lancaster and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society of Great Britain. A highly experienced cartographic editor and author, his many publications include The Great Migrations, The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations and The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings.