The Little Big Butt Book


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Dian Hanson


How can we pack so much big booty into such a tiny and inexpensive package? Sorry, but it’s a trade secret we can’t divulge, except to say that shoehorns and spandex were involved.

The original Big Butt Book featured a great cross section of delectable rears from the 1950s to the present day. Here, since life is such an ironic deal, we decided to pare the original content down to just the biggest and the best, in-your-face phatties to which the great Sir Mix-a-Lot alluded when penning, “My anaconda don’t want none, unless you’ve got buns, hun.”

Then we added in about 30 new photos, just to be generous. Now in these 150 plus photos you’ll see the big and the bountiful, then the bigger and more bountiful, in black and white and in color. The models may be largely anonymous, but their curves are legendary, and now that they’re collected in a discrete little package affordable by all in these financially trying times, why hold back? Your badonkadonk is calling.

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Weight 420 g
Dimensions 14.5 x 20.1 cm
Publisher name TASCHEN
Publication date 4 August 2022
Number of pages 192
Format Hardback
Dimensions 14.5 x 20.1 cm
Weight 420 g


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