The Modern Explorers

Epic Journeys to the Ends of the World


Nearly forty thrilling, first-hand accounts by the modern heirs of the great explorers of previous ages


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Exploration has never been more popular and any idea that there is nowhere left to explore is instantly disproved by the contemporary explorers who are showcased here. Most of the accounts are written by the explorers themselves, and they all vividly describe challenging and extraordinary expeditions to some of the remotest parts of the world, in extremes of temperature and aridity, often alone and on the edge of danger. Some of these explorers are very experienced and are already celebrated worldwide, others are young and less well known and just starting to make their mark; all are driven by ambition, aspiration and passion.

With 25 illustrations

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Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 21 October 2021
Number of pages 288
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Dimensions 13 x 19.7 cm
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Robin Hanbury-Tenison is a well-known explorer, author, film-maker, conservationist and campaigner. A veteran of over forty expeditions, he is a leading member of the Royal Geographical Society and Survival International. His books include The Seventy Great Journeys in History and, as editor, The Oxford Book of Exploration. Robert Twigger is the author of numerous books, including Angry White Pyjamas, Big Snake, Voyageur and Lost Oasis.