The Origins of the Irish


The first book in nearly a century to explore and satisfactorily explain how and when the Irish people came into being


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J.P. Mallory


Written as an engrossing detective story by the leading authority on the subject, this book deals with the core issues and multiple influences in the creation of the Irish people as well as exploring the controversial question of the Celts and the Irish language.

Bringing together the evidence of archaeology, culture, tradition, genetics and linguistics to shed welcome new light on the age-old riddle of Irish origins, and illustrated with numerous informative line drawings and maps, this brilliantly argued book is essential reading for anyone interested in Ireland and the Irish.

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Publication date 1 September 2017
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Dimensions 13.3 x 19.3 cm
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J. P. Mallory is a world expert on the interconnection of archaeology and linguistics and is the author of the standard work In Search of the Indo-Europeans and The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European. He has published numerous other works, including the hugely acclaimed The Origins of the Irish. He is Emeritus Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at Queen's University Belfast and a member of the Royal Irish Academy.