The Preserving Garden

Bottle, pickle, ferment and cook homegrown food all year round


Grow your garden to fill your pantry with bottled fruit, fermented vegetables and over forty sorts of preserved homegrown food.


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Jo Turner


The Preserving Garden is a stylishly illustrated guide on how to use garden produce to provide food all year round. Learn how to make a veggie patch or plant fruit trees in any space – including where to begin, when to plant and how to care for your garden. From planting to preserving, each profile is accompanied with easy-to-follow recipes that allow you to make the most of your homegrown produce throughout the year.

Featuring forty-three plant profiles with growing notes for starting or improving your garden, learn how fruit tree maintenance, pollination, crop rotation, composting and soil pH can help create regular and abundant harvests.

The book includes scalable recipes and techniques for chutneys, relishes, jams, jellies, marmalades, bottling and drying. Make the most of your homegrown produce by pureeing tomatoes for sauces, fermenting cabbage for sauerkraut, drying cherries to use in muffins and many more. Growing a preserving garden is an investment in your food future. When you are using fruit or vegetables grown in your own yard you are reducing food miles, waste, plastic use, and reclaiming control over what goes into the food you eat – all very contemporary concerns addressed by long-established practices.

Offering a joyful reinterpretation of cookery illustration, this book is an inspiring and practical gift for the food enthusiast, whether they live in the northern or southern hemisphere.

The Illustrated Garden Series description
Gardens are an endless supply of bounty. Many of our everyday needs can be met with a garden. This new series, referencing seasons rather than months, works with authors and illustrators to offer practical information in an original package on how to cultivate, grow, pick, treat, heal, observe, preserve and learn from the garden.

Series includes:
The Kitchen Garden (2022)
The Preserving Garden (2023)
The Medicinal Garden (2024)
The Picking Garden (2025)

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Publisher name Thames & Hudson Australia Pty Ltd
Publication date 27 June 2023
Number of pages 208
Format Hardback
Dimensions 19.9 x 25.5 cm
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Jo Turner was born with a passion for books and has had the great fortune to build a career doing what she loves: crafting knowledge and ideas into beautiful, accessible books for audiences around the world. She is the great granddaughter of a gardener from East Sussex, the granddaughter of a woman who grew and preserved fruit and vegetables to feed her large family, and the daughter of a passionate flower gardener and jam maker. She lives on fifty acres of native bush and battles the heat of long summers growing fruit and vegetables.