Where’s Attenborough?



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Aisling Coughlan, Patrick Boyle


Since 1954, Sir David Attenborough has been gracing our TV screens to educate and celebrate the animal and natural worlds. In those nearly 70 years of broadcasting and documentary making, Attenborough became a national treasure in the United Kingdom and attained near-mythical status the world over.

We only need to hear a word or two uttered, before we recognize David Attenborough’s iconic voice. But, in this brightly illustrated book, we’ll have to find him by sight and by sheer willpower. On each page in this book, drawn by artist Maxim Usik, Attenborough is lying in wait. You’ll have to find him as he dives into the ocean, wades through wetlands and hides in the long grasses of the savannah – all the time keeping a watchful eye out for some of our world’s most incredible – and endangered – wildlife.

There’s no better way to celebrate an international icon (and perhaps stop and think about conservation along the way).

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Weight 426 g
Dimensions 20.2 x 27.7 cm
Publisher name Smith Street Books
Publication date 1 March 2021
Number of pages 40
Format Hardback
Contributors Illustrated by Maxim Usik
Dimensions 20.2 x 27.7 cm
Weight 426 g


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Maxim Usik is a Russian-born illustrator who spends much of the year traveling the world, but now calls Finland home. This is his first book.