Noor Island - Realms of Imagination


Inspiring coffee table book on 3deluxe’s multidimensional design cosmos blurring the lines between reality and imagination.


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Noor Island is located in the central lagoon of Sharjah, the capital city of the same-named Arab Emirate. The long-term uncultivated isle has now been transformed into an urban themed experience where nature and architecture meld in fascinating fashion. Three buildings set the sculptural tone in a landscaped park that dazzles in multifarious light and media art. The flowing contours of the pedestrian bridge, the shimmering golden freeform of the butterfly house and the blossom-shaped literature pavilion form a truly iconic ensemble of buildings. Already well known for ground-breaking projects, at Noor Island 3deluxe is once again entering new and visionary dimensions for the built world, exploiting the potential of transdisciplinary design to the fullest. For over 20 years now the German design collective of 3deluxe has been blazing the trail in design and architecture. Beyond the bounds of all pragmatism and functionalism, the works of the interdisciplinary team unite a wealth of creative forms of expression to found an aesthetic that cuts across epochs, places and cultures. By sampling familiar design features and combining them with novel ideas 3deluxe generates a stylistic indeterminacy that leaves ample scope for individual interpretations.

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Weight 2126 g
Dimensions 24.7 x 33.9 cm
Publisher name Frame Publishers
Publication date 15 September 2016
Number of pages 288
Format Hardback
Dimensions 24.7 x 33.9 cm
Weight 2126 g


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