A place of our Own



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Iris Hassid, Manal Shalabi, Gilad Melzer


Contrary to what we are often shown in the media, there is a growing group of young adults of Arabic descent demanding their rightful place in Israel’s society. Smart and self-confident, they do not accept being seen as second-rate citizens; they are first-rate and fully part of Israel, whether the rest of the country likes it or not. And they will remain so, they are not going anywhere. They are building up their lives just as their Jewish counterparts are trying to do.

Tel Aviv-based photographer and artist Iris Hassid, focusing in her work predominantly on the identity and culture of women and adolescents from different backgrounds, followed four young Palestinian women. Engaging in spontaneous, pleasurable, and often thought-provoking conversations, she photographed them over a six-year period. The outcome is as refreshing, remarkable, and hopeful as it is unclear. Hassid became even more puzzled about the country she lives in and is concerned about its future, and thus about the futures of Samar, Majdoleen, Aya, and Saja…

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Iris Hassid is an Israeli photographer and artist who lives and works in Tel Aviv. She is co-founder and co-manager of the collective contemporary art gallery Binyamin. Her long-term projects predominantly focus on the identity and culture of young women and adolescents from different backgrounds. Relationships and collaborations with the subjects of her photographs form the basis of her way of working.
Hassid has a BA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University and studied at the Camera Obscura School of Art. She also holds an M.F.A from the University of Haifa. Her work has been exhibited widely in Israel and many other countries.

Manal Shalabi lives in Haifa. She is a lecturer, activist, and feminist researcher. She has a PhD in social work from the University of Haifa, and a social worker specializing in the treatment of gender-based violence. Shalabi is the Founder and General Director of Adar Foundation, a forum for professional men and women in the fight against crimes against women.

Gilad Melzer lives and works in Tel Aviv. He is a cultural and art researcher, curator, senior lecturer in the Midrasha Faculty of Arts, and art and literature critic. Meltzer studied film at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and cultural studies at New York University. He has directed documentaries, written for television series, and was editor of the magazine Hamidrasha.