AD 410

The Year That Shook Rome


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Sam Moorhead, David Stuttard


The Goths’ sack of Rome in AD 410 was an event which shook the Roman world to its core. This gripping book uncovers the key factors that contributed to Alaric the Goth’s capture of Rome: mass migrations, military incompetence, civil war, court intrigue, economic decline and religious bigotry. It also explains the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, including the loss of Britain, around AD 410. Telling a truly compelling story of a defining moment in history, the book is packed with dramatic characters and events. Bold personalities are brought to life, drawn from sources newly translated for this book by master storytellers thoroughly familiar with their subject. Although many have asked why Rome fell, few have told the tale of how it fell. The dramatic story is richly illustrated throughout with evocative sites and iconic objects, many drawn from the vast collections of the British Museum.

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Publisher name The British Museum Press
Publication date 23 February 2010
Number of pages 176
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Dimensions 15 x 21 cm
Weight 415 g


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