Advertising is Dead

Long Live Advertising!


Provides a comprehensive overview of the revolutionary new techniques, media and ideas in advertising

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Tom Himpe


Twenty years ago, an advertiser could reach 80 per cent of the US population with just three television commercials. Today it takes 150. Advertising is suffering because of the sheer amount of it, the lack of innovation within traditional advertising formats and the power that media fragmentation and technology give to consumers to tune out the noise.

The new buzzwords are guerrilla, stealth, ambush, buzz, viral, grassroots, wildfire and ambient. This book is the first to harness them into an integrated communications approach.

Advertising is Dead is the only complete survey of a global shift affecting all kinds of business, and is essential reading for all advertising, marketing and communications professionals.

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Publication date 21 November 2008
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Tom Himpe is a freelance creative media strategist. He is the author of Advertising is Dead. Long Live Advertising! also published by Thames & Hudson.