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William Abranowicz, Zander Abranowicz


Who are the American Originals? They are photographer William Abranowicz’s pantheon of extraordinary subjects – painters, poets, rock stars, designers, tastemakers, politicians, performers – for whom the home represents the ultimate canvas of self-expression. In every one of the more than 250 photographs, most never before published, Abranowicz’s classical sensibility for light, form, and composition mingles with his innate curiosity and sense of humor, producing stunning, unconventional portraits of these living spaces and workplaces. The text recounts Abranowicz’s personal interactions with his subjects and their homes, and muses on voyeurism, decoration, and honesty in design. American Originals is sure to be an essential source of inspiration not only for interior design but also for ways of living authentically and creatively in the modern world.

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Weight 2918 g
Dimensions 14 x 33.9 cm
Publisher name The Vendome Press
Publication date 1 October 2018
Number of pages 320
Format Hardback
Contributors Foreword by John Derian
Dimensions 14 x 33.9 cm
Weight 2918 g


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