Anita Klein: Out of the Ordinary

Forty Years of Printmaking


A charming and intimate visual journal of the artist and her family’s daily life

This book is not yet published, but will be available from December 2022.

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Anita Klein is an artist of the everyday and the personal. For more than forty years, she has produced thousands of paintings, prints and drawings depicting her immediate family – husband, daughters, grandchildren, and herself – going about the very ordinary activities of daily life: watching television, cooking, reading, driving to school, soaking in the bath, getting dressed, cleaning the house, choosing a pet, going on holiday, or just cuddling up and sharing tender moments with loved ones. She captures these seemingly unremarkable domestic scenes with such humour, sensitivity and beauty to create an intimate visual journal with which everyone can identify. Influenced by Italian Renaissance fresco painting, her direct style pares down forms into strong and simple shapes, transforming the images into contemporary icons that reveal a joyful and unselfconscious delight in the common ‘dailiness of life’. Witty, charismatic, warm, and poignant, she has become one of Britain’s most popular artists and printmakers. As the Guardian wrote, ‘no British artist has more thoroughly explored the female experience of family in the past 30 years than Anita Klein’.

This book is a selection of around five hundred of the artist’s best-loved prints going back to her students days. It presents a charming chronological record of the family’s day-to-day life through the decades, seen from the artist-mother’s perspective, as they grow and change in their respective roles within the household. One can also follow Klein’s development as a printmaker through that time, from the simple monochrome drypoints in the 1980s, a consequence of the practical and financial demands of being a young parent, through to the more colourful and elaborate prints of more recent years. An introductory text by XXX is accompanied by short commentaries from the artist herself about both the work and her memories of the occasions depicted. Post-pandemic and post-lockdown, this delightful diaristic archive of life’s small and familiar moments takes on added significance for it is a timely reminder of what daily existence is really about.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 25 x 25 cm
Publisher name Art Books Publishing Ltd
Publication date 13 December 2022
Number of pages 336
Format Hardback
Contributors Foreword by Rebecca Eames and Vincent Eames
Dimensions 25 x 25 cm
Weight 300 g


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Australian-born artist Anita Klein (b.1960) studied at Chelsea and Slade Schools of Art in London in the early 1980s, studying under Paula Rego among others. She has exhibited internationally and public collectors of her work include the British Museum and the Arts Council. She has work in many private and public collections in Europe, the USA and Australia, including the Arts Council of Great Britain, the British Museum and the British Library. She has had many solo exhibitions in the London as well as worldwide, and three monographs of her paintings have been published. She was President of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers from 2003 to 2006, and she was awarded Printmaker of the Year at the 2020 Printfest International Festival of Printmaking in the UK. She lives and works between London and Italy.