BRANDLife: Health & Beauty

Integrated brand systems in graphics and space


Good design in the health and beauty sector is important, not only for brands to stand out in a saturated market, but also due to the behemoth that the industry has become. The latest edition of BRANDLife showcases 60 of the best graphics and spatial projects from around the world today to inspire and inform.


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In a world driven by well-being and appearances, the modern healthcare and beauty industry is a thriving one with consumer demographics that span across all layers of society. Besides the conglomerates that continue to dominate international markets, there has also been a large rise in independent companies with strong ideals and concepts that cater to a more comprehensive as well as specific range of needs.

BRANDLife: Health & Beauty explores how compelling graphic identities and interiors play a crucial role in impacting the perceptions and promises offered by upcoming and established healthcare and beauty brands today. From eye-catching packaging on cosmetics and skincare products to effective spatial planning for hair salons and medical centres, it offers visual inspiration and valuable insights as to how creativity and design ultimately affect the quality of experiences and outcomes.

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Publication date 4 November 2021
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Dimensions 19.2 x 25.9 cm
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