Buddhist Art of Tibet

In Milarepa’s Footsteps, Symbolism and Spirituality


An insightful look at the history of Tibet and Buddhism through historical narratives and striking art from the Alain Bordier collections


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Etienne Bock, Jean-Marc Falcombello, Magali Jenny


Fascinated by Buddhist art and Asian spirituality, Alain Bordier has spent more than forty years building a unique collection of religious objects from the Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan). On display today at the Tibet Museum in the heart of the medieval city of Gruyères, Switzerland, some six hundred works offer visitors the rare opportunity to discover an endangered world heritage.

Beyond the artistic aspect, this work demonstrates the symbolism and spirituality that emerge from each object, and offers an interpretation of the themes from a Buddhist viewpoint. The highlight of the book is the presentation of an unpublished manuscript retracing the life of Milarepa, the great eleventh-century Tibetan yogi, whose analysis provides an excellent introduction to the great Buddhist principles.

This volume presents a general historic and artistic framework of Tibetan art through narratives, anecdotes, and commentary from Alain Bordier on the different subjects and the collection itself.

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Publisher name Flammarion S.A.
Publication date 3 January 2023
Number of pages 288
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Dimensions 22.8 x 28.8 cm
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Etienne Bock is a specialist in Himalayan art and literature.

Jean-Marc Falcombello is a cultural journalist and a disciple of Lama Teunsang, one of the oldest living Tibetan masters for four decades.

Magali Jenny is an ethnologist.