Cartier: Le Voyage Recommencé

High Jewelry and Precious Objects



ISBN: 9782080430533 Category:

François Chaille, Hélène Kelmachter


A refined volume documenting the new collection of high jewelry from Cartier.

Through Le Voyage Recommencé, its latest collection of high jewelry and precious objects, Cartier pays tribute to the richness of its style. Embarking readers on a prodigious journey, the jewelry showcased in this book explores the Maison’s iconic fields of expression: essential lines, geometry, colors, flora and fauna, and influences from world cultures, to name but a few. The renowned jeweler continually pushes the boundaries of creation to discover new horizons.

Accompanied by text focusing on the concept of style in the arts, the pieces presented in this richly illustrated volume take us on a renewed journey-a voyage recommencé-into the heart of the Cartier style, where creative imagination and superlative savoir faire transform precious stones and materials into magnificent jewelry.

Additional information

Weight 1988 g
Dimensions 26.5 x 31 cm
Publisher name Flammarion S.A.
Publication date 18 March 2024
Number of pages 256
Format Hardback
Dimensions 26.5 x 31 cm
Weight 1988 g


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Writer Francois Chaille is passionate about art history, fashion, jewelry, and watchmaking. He has collaborated with Flammarion to publish more than fifteen books on these subjects, including Cartier: Beautés du Monde (2022), Sixième Sens par Cartier (2021), [Sur]Naturel Cartier (2020), and The Cartier Collection: Jewelry (2019).

Hélène Kelmachter is an art historian and has curated exhibitions on contemporary art and on artistic professions. She has been a cultural attaché for the French Embassy in Tokyo and Buenos Aires, and, since February 2020, at the French Embassy in Italy.