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Chris van Uffelen


Creating Identity with Trees, Plants and Street Furniture

The design of open spaces around a company headquarters or within a company premises are increasingly important – and in some cases now also lucrative – fields of activity in landscape architecture. On the one hand, com – pany gardens fulfill the function of a signboard advertising the company. On the other, in times of flexible working hours, work-life balance and global networking, they are increasingly emerging as projection screens for innovative workplace concepts.

The implementations are remarkably diverse, their con – ception often depending on whether the company garden is directed to the outside world or rather designed for the employees. It can serve the public as a city park, act almost as a calling card as part of the corporate identity, be designed as a quiet oasis for breaks from work or as a place for informal meetings and collegial communication. Through selected examples of company gardens from around the world, this volume reveals the great diversity present within this field of architecture.

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