Digging up Britain

A New History in Ten Extraordinary Discoveries


Recounts ten of the most exciting archaeological discoveries in Britain over the past decade


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Mike Pitts


Britain has long been fascinated with its own history and identity, as an island nation besieged by invaders from beyond the seas: the Romans, Vikings and Normans. The long saga of prehistory is often forgotten – but our understanding of our past is changing.

Mike Pitts presents ten astounding archaeological discoveries that shed new light on those who came before us, and radically altered the way we think about our history. His compelling, sometimes teasing, archaeological odyssey illustrates the diversity, complexity and sheer strangeness of the lives that represent Britain’s past.

With 79 illustrations, 24 in colour

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Weight 292 g
Dimensions 12.9 x 19.7 cm
Publisher name Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date 18 March 2021
Number of pages 304
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 12.9 x 19.7 cm
Weight 292 g


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Mike Pitts is an archaeologist and award-winning journalist. He has been the editor of Britain's leading archaeological magazine, British Archaeology, for over a decade, and has written several books, including Digging for Richard III, also published by Thames & Hudson.