Experimental Design (German Edition with English language inserts)

Visual Creativity and Method


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Armin Lindauer, Betina Müller


German text with English text booklet included. How can experimentation and methodology be used in design processes? In this area of specialization in particular the term “experimental” is often used rather randomly. Contrary to this approach, this book shows that even in art and design methodical experiments can result in concepts and ideas, i.e. creativity in the wildest sense. In the chapters Basis, Interpretation, Variation, Relation and Sequence, a great number of design methods are categorized and typified. The varied and often surprising results are due not least to the many different applied methods. For a decade, Armin Lindauer and Betina Muller researched, collected and created works whos experimental methods result in creative design solutions. The works were found in very diverse sectors such as advertising, product design, poster design, art, and sciences. The book features historically significant works by Courbet, Monet, Jawlensky, Picasso, Albers and the Bechers, as well as works of famous contemporary designers such as Daniele Buetti, Peter Dreher, Gunther Kieser, Uwe Loesch or Stephan Sagmeister. With its more than 3000 images, “Experimental Design” is a visual reference book for anyone interested in methodical approaches to ideas and concepts.

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