Fashionary Menswear Sketchbook A4


A sketchbook Tailor-made for Fashion Designers


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A sketchbook Tailor-made for Fashion Designers

The sketchbook is combined with extensive fashion information and blended figure templates. It is the perfect tool for brainstorming, fast sketching and quick referencing.

Tailor-made for fashion designers

Bleed-proof paper for marker and watercolor

Encourages quick sketching and brainstorming

Mini fashion dictionary included

Over 180 figure templates

Water-resistant calico cover

The Atelier Collection
The fundamentals of The Atelier Collection portrays a “Less is More” concept hence the minimalistic touch. The sketchbook speaks for authenticity on an exquisite artistry level. It provokes an individual’s creativity with no boundaries, which is demonstrated from the subtle sketchbook appearance.

Organize your Ideas in a Presentable Way
Every template is designed with the same size and pose, it allows your ideas and developments to be presented with an organized and well balanced spacing which is better for chronicle presentation. It provides a well organized surface for your designs to be viewed side to side.

Water-resistant Calico Cover
The cover is made from one of the most familiar fabrics for fashion designers- cotton calico. It also represents ideas, creation and development. The material forms a high durability water-resistant cover, exquisite quality intended to be used along your designing journey. Hence, the calico cover contains natural cottonseeds, giving every sketchbook that unique touch.

Bleedproof Paper – A4 Size Only
The A4 Sketchbook is made from 128gsm paper. It works beautifully with a range of tools such as markers, watercolor and color pencils. You can even manipulate colors to build effects – such as gradients, fabric textures, and lighting effects – to your desired saturation.

Mini Fashion Dictionary + Figure Templates
The sketchbook is divided into 2 parts to help kick-start the creative process:
Part 1 – Mini Fashion Dictionary (15% pages)
Part 2 – Men’s Figure Templates (85% pages)

Handy professional information
Fashionary sketchbooks streamline fashion development by including a mini fashion dictionary. With professional fashion information where you can refer back instantly, in aid of providing industry terms and jargon to make decisions about stitching, fabric, and methods.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20.3 x 28.3 cm
Publisher name Fashionary
Publication date 8 June 2023
Number of pages 96
Format Hardback
Dimensions 20.3 x 28.3 cm
Weight 500 g


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Founded in 2008, Fashionary is the best-selling fashion sketchbook, a practical tool for professionals who are working at all levels of the fashion industry. The name originated from "Fashion + Dictionary + Diary".