Fifty Places to Surf Before You Die

Surfing Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations



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Chris Santella


Fifty Places to Surf Before You Dieis a beautifully illustrated guide to the most thrilling surfing destinations in the world. Covering quintessential beaches, including: Oahu’s North Shore; Australia’s Gold Coast; and of course, Malibu, California, the book also invites you to discover such unexpected gems as the Amazon and the Gulf of Alaska. From the frigid waters off Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula to NazarĂ©, Portugal, where in 2013 Garrett McNamara broke a world record for surfing the tallest wave (78 feet!),Fifty Places to Surftakes readers on a wide-roving adventure, divulging the details that make each venue unique-and plenty of tips for those who aspire to surf there. Featuring interviews with seasoned surfing experts such as pro surfer Joel Parkinson and Billabong executive Shannan North,Fifty Places to Surf Before You Dieis an essential travel companion for surfers of all levels who are looking to catch that perfect wave.

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Publication date 9 April 2019
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Dimensions 18.7 x 21.1 cm
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