Fine Fabric

Delicate Materials for Architecture and Interior Design


Showing by means of texts, photos as well as plans and drawings the wide variety of how fabric is used today and what can be expected in the future.

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Chris van Uffelen


Different types of fabrics are frequently used in the fields of temporary architecture and interior design. Because of its soft surface and the visual appearance that comes with it, textile materials mostly create a sense of well-being. As a result of current research and technology, new types of fabrics have been developed with special qualities in terms of load, elasticity and ductility. These can be used also for structural designs, for example in the design of fa├žades, so a wide range of new possibility for its usage is available now. The title Fine Fabric. Delicate Materials for Architecture and Design from the series “architecture and materials” presents 60 international architecture and design projects.

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Dimensions 24.1 x 24.2 cm
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