Furniture & Interiors of the 1970s


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Anne Bony


The 1970s were born out of the turbulent late 60s, during which revolution and cultural unrest rocked society with lasting effects. Protest against cultural norms and establishments was characterized by militant outspokenness, and faith in consumerism dwindled as consumer society began to lose its luster-a disillusionment that deepened with two gasoline crises in 1977. But the decade has been equally distinguished as a period of strong social commitment, as manifested in both creative and functional designs. Organized into five themes, this book examines the works of international designers whose creations exemplify the period’s diverse influences. Chapter 1 explores the sociological aspects of 1970s design, examining how ergonomically-focused designers maximized efficiency through the creation of multifunctional furniture and invented a new design vocabulary that clearly indicated an object’s function. Chapter 2 focuses on the environmental consciousness that led to the birth of new-sometimes radical-ideas, notably the Scandinavian-inspired return from plastic to wood as a design material.The third chapter focuses on the design movement in Italy, led by Archizoom,Alchymia, and Gaetano Pesce. The fourth chapter examines a movement that originated in New York and London and was eventually epitomized by the creation of the Centre George Pompidou in Paris-a remarkable homage to the world of industry. In the final chapter, the author explores the period’s interior design trends, focusing on artistic and decorative innovations in France.

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