Garbage Pail Kids: The Big Box of Garbage (Box Set)


Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine teams up with the pop-culture phenomenon Garbage Pail Kids in this illustrated, New York Times bestselling middle-grade series, now available in a specially designed box set


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R.L. Stine


Welcome to the town of Smellville, where ten kids all live in a big tumbledown house and have as much fun as they possibly can. People may think that they’re gross and weird and slobby and strange, but they’re not bad kids-they just don’t know any better. In this hilarious series from bestselling author R.L. Stine, the Garbage Pail Kids-from Adam Bomb to Brainy Janey-get into mischief at their middle school. Now, for the first time, all three illustrated hardcover books in the New York Times bestselling series are collected together in a specially designed boxed set, featuring twelve bonus Topps GPK stickers. Includes Welcome to Smellville, Thrills and Chills, and Camp Daze-each volume in the trilogy guaranteed to amuse and entertain readers of all ages.

Additional information

Weight 1204 g
Dimensions 15.1 x 21.9 cm
Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 15 March 2023
Number of pages
Format Multiple-item retail product
Contributors Illustrated by Joe Simko, Jeff Zapata, and Fred Wheaton
Dimensions 15.1 x 21.9 cm
Weight 1204 g


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R.L. Stine has more than 400 million English-language books in print, plus international editions in 32 languages, making him one of the most popular children's authors of all time. Besides Goosebumps, he has written series including Fear Street, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, the Nightmare Room, Dangerous Girls, and Just Beyond. Stine lives in New York City with his wife, Jane, an editor and publisher. The Topps Company, Inc., originator of Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacks, and Bazooka Joe brands, was founded in 1938 and is the preeminent creator and marketer of physical and digital trading cards, entertainment products, and distinctive confectionary. Check out GPK via social media: #garbagepailkids,, Jeff Zapata has worked on comic books and trading cards for more than 25 years, including 13 gross, memorable ones as an editor, art director, and artist on Garbage Pail Kids and other brands at the Topps Company. Fred Wheaton has been wallowing in the Garbage Pail at Topps since 2006, contributing disgusting concepts, final art, comics, and sketch cards. He lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife and their three kids. Joe Simko is an artist known for his happy-horror style. He is one of the premiere Garbage Pail Kids illustrators for the Topps Company and lives in New York City with his wife, son, dog, and many, many boxes of cereal.