Germany’s Gold


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How did Germany’s gold reserves arise and which role has gold played as a currency across the centuries? What significance did gold reserves have then and what is its role today?

In this book the gold reserves of the Bundesbank are vividly illustrated an d presented to readers in such an informative way that it seems as if you were holding them in your hands.

The transfer of significant gold reserves from the depots in New York and Paris to Frankfurt has been the subject of considerable public interest in recent years. These German gold reserves are administered by the Deutsche Bundesbank, and this book provides detailed information for the first time about the development, use and storage of the gold in the bank’s own vaults. Interesting insight into the mining and processing of gold as a raw material, as well as authoritative knowledge about its qualities, are impressively complemented visually by the lavish illustration of selected gold ingots from the reserves of the Bundesbank.

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Publication date 1 May 2019
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Dimensions 22.4 x 28.5 cm
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