Ghost Ships of the Baltic Sea (French Appendix edition)


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Carl Douglas, Björn Hagberg, Martin Widman


This magnificent large-format illustrated book takes you down to the most spectacular wrecks in the Baltic Sea – includes French appendix shrink wrapped to reverse of English edition.

This magnificent large-format illustrated book takes you down to the most spectacular wrecks in the Baltic Sea. This unique sea holds close toere are nearly 100,000 wrecks on the seabed here – many of them in surprisingly well keptgood condition. The unique qualities of the Baltic, with its cold water and the historic lack of shipworms, has help to preserved the shipwrecks better than anywhere else in the world – thus. This makes the Baltic Sea provides an enthralling irresistible treasure chest trove for divers. There are warships dating from the 17th century, magnificent wooden ships from the 18th century, cargo ships from the 19th century and warships from the Second World War.

On board these sunken ships, time has stood still on board these sunken ships frozen – it often feels as if the crew has only just left the vessel. The wrecks have become like time capsules, a spooky mixture of serene beauty and haunting reminders of many a brutal dramas.

These amazing images of the ghost ships of the Baltic have attracted global attention. This is the first time they have been reproduced in a large format. and appear in this book reproduced really large for the first time.

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Dimensions 32 x 24 cm
Publisher name Bokforlaget Max Strom
Publication date 21 February 2024
Number of pages 272
Format Hardback
Dimensions 32 x 24 cm
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Carl Douglas is a historian, an acclaimed author and a skilled diver. He is the writer of the best-selling book Ghost ships of the Baltic Sea. Björn Hagberg a marine archaeologist, researcher and author with several books to his credit. Martin Widman is an experienced science journalist who has specialized in maritime history. Christine Riding is the head of the curatorial department at London's National Gallery and has among many other texts written the book Turner and the Sea.