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Gray Malin


Following the successes of bothBeachesandEscape, Gray Malin turns his unique eye to the coasts, beaches, and landscapes of Italy. From the sparkling blue waters of the Amalfi Coast to the dramatic coastal scenery of Cinque Terre,Gray Malin: Italycaptures and celebrates many of the country’s most famous and beloved destinations. Inspired by Malin’s bestselling photographic series “La Dolce Vita,”Gray Malin: Italyhighlights timeless details of the Italian Riviera: happy beachgoers, retro beach umbrellas, luxury motorboats, and of course, the sun-soaked water. Featuring never-before-seen, -published, or -privately-sold images,Gray Malin: Italybeautifully depicts the incomparable scenery and enviable lifestyle that the Italian coastline has to offer.

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Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 14 May 2019
Number of pages 144
Format Hardback
Dimensions 26 x 33.7 cm
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Gray Malin is a fine-art photographer and the New York Times bestselling author of Beaches and Escape. His work hangs in homes across the world and can be found in both private and public collections. He lives in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles with his husband and dog.