Guardians of Liberty

Freedom of the Press and the Nature of News



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Linda Barrett Osborne


A riveting introduction to the crucial role of First Amendment rights and the media

Guardians of Liberty explores the essential and basic American ideal of freedom of the press. Allowing the American press to publish-even if what they’re reporting is contentious- without previous censure or interference by the federal government was so important to the Founding Fathers that they placed a guarantee in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Citing numerous examples from America’s past, from the American Revolution to the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement to Obama’s and Trump’s presidencies, Linda Barrett Osborne shows how freedom of the press has played an essential role in the growth of this nation, allowing democracy to flourish. She further discusses how the freedoms of press and speech often work side by side, reveals the diversity of American news, and explores why freedom of the press is still imperative to uphold today. Includes endnotes, bibliography, and index

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Linda Barrett Osborne is the author of Traveling the Freedom Road, Miles to Go for Freedom, This Land Is Our Land, and Come On In, America. She was a senior writer-editor in the Library of Congress Publishing Office for 15 years. She lives in Washington, DC.