Heinz Mack: A 21st century artist



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Robert Fleck


Heinz Mack (*1931) has been working as a sculptor and painter for more than sixty years. From the ZERO period in around 1960 to the present day he has created a wide-ranging work whose essential aspects, such as the significance of light, structure and colour are portrayed with often surprising perspectives. The authors accompany Mack in his constant search for a new concept of art, thereby discovering little-known connections to Minimal Art, Land Art, Yves Klein and Constantin Brancusi. The journey through Mack’s rich oeuvre culminates finally in his passionate plea for the “idea of beauty in the 21st century”.

Heinz Mack is an artist who has left his mark on our times. He has made a pioneering contribution to the question of a new concept of art, which has been of fundamental importance since the post-war period. This volume offers for the first time a monograph with an overview of Mack’s philosophy of art as well as his multi-faceted oeuvre: from ZERO and the legendary Sahara Project to light art and his most recent paintings.

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