Hidden Alliances / Versteckt verbunden (bilingual edition)


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Schimana Elisabeth


Where are all of the women in the avant-garde electronic music scene? Anyone who thinks they do not exist is totally wrong. It is, however, a fact that hardly anyone has done any research on them or written about them. Wondering about a world allegedly lacking in female electronic musicians, Elisabeth Schimana began a search in the late 1990s and the initial results of her research went into her performance Portrait 01 – Die Futuristin (Portrait 01 – the female futurists). Her research brought her into the sphere of electronic music, which culminated in the founding of the IMA- Institute for Media Archaeology. Now, this publication presents twenty female artists and their work. The artists create a somewhat different picture of the creation and development of electronic music. This illustrated volume is as intriguing as it is fascinating, and, above all, a significant portrait of this new history.

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Publisher name Hatje Cantz Verlag
Publication date 10 January 2020
Number of pages 198
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Dimensions 17.9 x 24.5 cm
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The musician and composer ELISABETH SCHIMANA (*1958, Innsbruck) is herself one of the pioneers of electronic music. She is the founder of the IMA, or Institut für Medienarchäologie (Institute for Media Archaeology), which has been devoted since 2005 to acoustic media involved in both analogue and digital, as well as the themes of women, art, and technology.