Japanese Illustration


A useful guide on contemporary Japanese illustration.

This book is not yet published, but will be available from June 2024.

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Illustration is derived from the Latin term “illustraio”, which means ‘to illuminate’. The art of illustration has a long history of development, from the earliest French cave paintings to Japanese Ukiyo-e, and has evolved to be used in a wide range of design fields today. The unique geographical environment, rich national culture and strong artistic atmosphere have created a special aesthetic taste in Japan, which has led to a unique system and lineage of Japanese design throughout its history. Contemporary illustration has become a distinctive design language, providing a constant source of inspiration for visual creation.
Th is book categorises contemporary Japanese illustration through three main styles: tradition, simplicity and modernity. The rich collection of works in this book offer readers a taste of the current Japanese aesthetics and the application of illustration to graphic and product design. It is worth mentioning that an exclusive collection of Omasu Harada’s Kawaii illustration can be found in the book. It also includes interviews with eight design masters, Shinnoske Sugisaki, Aoshi Kudo, Hitoshi Akasako, Sawada Yasuhiro, Kazuo Kuribayashi, Akiko Sekimoto, Takehiko Muramatsu, and Takafumi Kusagaya, from which readers can gain a sense of their understanding of design and illustration, and to feel Japanese aesthetics in their eyes. It is a book offering readers an all-encompassing look at the creativity of contemporary Japanese illustrators, a wealth of graphic references and aesthetic meanings all at once!

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