John Gossage: Jack Wilson’s Waltz



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John Gossage


In John Gossage’s words this is a book “with a particular context, of photographs to settle the feeling that I did not understand about my home. To do that I set out, starting in 2003, to see what clarity my pictures might bring.” And so came into being these photos of scenes, things, minor events and the look in the eyes of the young, all taken in everyday non-iconic places throughout his travels across America. Gossage’s ongoing look at his country within these pages is like a dance: rhythmic, redeeming, restorative, intuitive; but tentatively hopeful. “I would like to believe all of it,” he writes, “that we will be saved, but on Connecticut Avenue there is graffiti that says ‘Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him?’ All I can hear is the faint echoing gun shots coming from Wounded Knee.” To be continued…

The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.
James Brown

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Weight 1010 g
Dimensions 25 x 30.3 cm
Publisher name Steidl
Publication date 25 October 2019
Number of pages 144
Format Hardback
Dimensions 25 x 30.3 cm
Weight 1010 g


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