Lewis Baltz

Venezia Marghera


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Lewis Baltz


“The only remarkable thing about Marghera is her proximity to Venice. Otherwise Marghera is just another episode in the deindustrialization of Western Europe. Marghera sells aluminum, chemicals, petroleum and ships, and business has declined steadily since 1960. Venice sells herself, and her fragile, crepuscular beauty, and trade has been brisk for centuries.” Lewis Baltz Venezia Marghera is a limited edition set of screen-prints of new photographs by Lewis Baltz. Venice is Baltz’s home for half of the year and Marghera, her toxic industrial neighbour, has captured Baltz’s ironic imagination. Depicting sights including a new Disney cruise ship under construction, rusting freighters, factory architecture and a chemical plant, Venezia Marghera is the latest chapter in Baltz’s forty-year investigation of the man-altered landscape.

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