Lots of Dots


Poor Jaguar is feeling lonely until little ladybird says that they should play together. Why? Because they both have spots of course! Lots of the other animals have spots too, like Snake and Rockhopper! ‘Let’s make a dotsy club!’, says Ladybird. But Zebra wants to join too, and he’s stripy – it’ll have to be a pattern club! But what about poor old monkey – he doesn’t have any pattern! Maybe they will create a club they can all belong to!


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Pippa Goodhart


Jaguar is feeling very lonely being all on her only! Why doesn’t anyone else look like just like her? When clever Ladybird comes to play, she points out that they have more in common than Jaguar might think – they both have simply spectacular spots! Snake and Rockhopper are dotty too, and so the top secret dotsy club is formed! Zebra is so sad when he can’t join the club because of his stripes. The club will just have to become a PATTERNS club so he can join in the fun too! But wait! What is a game that all the animals can play together? No one can think of anything! Monkey has an idea, but he’s all plain – he can’t join the patterns club! Yet, Monkey doesn’t mind one bit. He is part of the best secret club of all, the Everybody Club, and anyone can join – the badge of honour is in your heart! The animals agree that the Everyone Club is the best of all.

Additional information

Weight 176 g
Dimensions 23 x 27.9 cm
Publisher name Tiny Owl Publishing Ltd
Publication date 20 May 2023
Number of pages
Format Paperback / softback
Contributors Illustrated by Anna Doherty
Dimensions 23 x 27.9 cm
Weight 176 g


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Pippa Goodhart is the author of over a hundred children's books, including the prize-winning picture book You Choose, and the Winnie the Witch series which she writes under the pen name of Laura Owen. She trained as a teacher and worked for many years in bookselling before becoming a mother and a writer.

Anna Doherty is an illustrator from sunny Scotland. She adores drawing, writing, and every single dog in the world. She owns too many pencils, and she likes tiny sketch books. Her other books include Big Ideas for Curious Minds, Sticky, and The Bront√ęs. Lots of Dots is Anna's fourth book with Tiny Owl.