Luther (Bilingual edition)

Licht. Light


Comprehensive monograph on the impressive Light and Object art of Adolf Luther


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Light and space, transparency and beauty were the ideals in the art of Adolf Luther (1912-1990). More than many another artist, his numerous light integrations and optically fascinating concave-mirror objects left their mark on the reality and aesthetics of the Bonn Republic. This magnificent volume provides a new look at his works and their development.

The monograph traces the development of this remarkable artist. From an early stage he crossed the borders of the traditional genre divisions in art, becoming an inspiration and role model for many contemporary artists today. Ultimately, Luther’s art collection, extending from Beuys to Ad Reinhard, testifies to an unconventional and open mind that continues to deserve to be rediscovered. The publication closes the gaps in research and attempts a new assessment of Luther’s artistic achievements.

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Publication date 23 June 2022
Number of pages 400
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Dimensions 29.2 x 32.7 cm
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Magdalena Broska has been the Head of Research at the Adolf-Luther-Stiftung, Krefeld, since 1990. She has published numerous publications on the work of Adolf Luther.

Silke von Berswordt-Wallrabe has been the Director of the Stiftung Situation Kunst, which is associated with the Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum, since 2005.

Markus Heinzelmann has been Professor of Museum Practice with a focus on international contemporary art at the Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum since 2021.