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Robert Fleck, Heinz Mack


“There is no substitute for the happiness which colours give me.”

After a long break, Heinz Mack has been focusing intensively on painting again for over thirty years. A cross-section of his “Chromatische Konstellationen” from 1991 until the present day shows how he translates the greatest possible purity of colour, light and immateriality into a broad spectrum of colour sequences and structures. Texts by Heinz Mack and Robert Fleck illuminate the essence of these colour worlds.

Colour as light and light as colour – this represents, as it were, the nucleus of Mack’s painting. Within this premise he offers us a wide variety: chapters on, for example, the primacy of colour, atmosphere and nature, space, movement and geometric forms show the fascinating bandwidth of his work. The volume closes with an unusual undertaking: in a personal juxtaposition with works from art history from Duccio to Barnett Newman, the artist grants us an insight into his collective pictorial memory.

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Publication date 10 December 2023
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Robert Fleck is Professor of Art and the Public Sphere at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art.

Heinz Mack is one of the most important painters and sculptors in Germany and co-founder of the artist group ZERO.