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Maurizio Galimberti continues to reflect on the meaning of history and time in a new work on the Marcinelle tragedy


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One August morning at Marcinelle, Maurizio Galimberti pointed his camera upwards and for several hours shot the same subject, which turned out differently in each of the 262 images. One for each of the victims of the disaster that occurred on the morning of 8 August 1956 in the same Belgian mining town, claiming the lives of 262 miners. A photographer and artist of international renown, Maurizio Galimberti is famous for working almost exclusively with Polaroid, developing an extremely personal manipulation technique to deconstruct and reconstruct the image. In this new book, Galimberti tackles the terrible tragedy of Marcinelle, 66 years later: his “reuse” of images is intended to inform. He delves into what has already been pho[1]tographed to unearth a meaning that has remained buried, a soul within the mechanical body. He contextualizes, historicizes. And so the images pass before our eyes: a woman orphaned as a child; the face of another woman behind the bars that separate her from the tragic truth; the lined-up coffins; the poster to recruit mine workers; the miners’ huts; the daunting elevator for descending into the depths of the earth. And, lastly, the portrait of Urbano Ciacci, the last survivor of the tragedy. Maurizio Galimberti (Como, 1956) has been active on the international art scene for over 30 years. He is world famous also for his portraits of stars like Lady Gaga, Robert De Niro and Johnny Depp. He was world testimonial for Polaroid International and critics now consider him an instant artist, rather than just a photographer.

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Weight 1454 g
Dimensions 30.8 x 38.9 cm
Publisher name Skira Editore S.p.A
Publication date 7 November 2023
Number of pages 76
Format Hardback
Contributors Text by Gabriele Romagnoli and Denis Curti
Dimensions 30.8 x 38.9 cm
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Gabriele Romagnoli is an Italian journalist, author and screenwriter. Denis Curti is an expert on photography and curator of photographic and contemporary art exhibitions. He was director of Contrasto - Milano from 2005 to 2014, and has been a journalist and photography critic for Corriere della Sera for over 15 years.