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Gaby Bazin


Discover the fascinating world of lithography, explore the techniques that make it work, and learn the secrets behind this truly artistic profession.

‘Here’s a first: a children’s picture book about lithography. Once toddlers have wrapped their tongues around that tricky 11-letter word, they will be charmed by Gaby Bazin’s beautiful guide to this often overlooked craft. We meet the father of the artform, Alois Senefelder… an 18th-century actor and engraver who experimented with stone-cutting, and learn how later artists have followed in his footsteps.’The Daily Telegraph

Combining science, art, and history, Meet the Lithographer showcases a centuries-old printing practice that evolved into the process used today to print books, magazines, newspapers, and posters. This enchanting behind-the-scenes tour of the lithographer’s workshop offers an inside look at the tools, techniques, and stories that define lithography.

The second children’s book from David Zwirner Books, Meet the Lithographer continues our mission to illuminate different elements of the art industry. The playful illustrations, printed in three striking colors, offer a unique experience of the printed medium and showcase the magic of the lithographer’s world.

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Weight 312 g
Dimensions 19.5 x 24.7 cm
Publisher name David Zwirner Books
Publication date 20 September 2023
Number of pages 40
Format Hardback
Dimensions 19.5 x 24.7 cm
Weight 312 g


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Gaby Bazin grew up on France's Mediterranean coast. She graduated from the Arts Décoratifs de Paris (Printed Image Department) in 2015. After traveling to Italy and the Czech Republic to learn typographical printing and bookbinding, she settled in Saint-Denis. She has been working there within the collective La Briche Foraine since 2015. Her work explores the richness of printing and its history. The question of the relationship between the written word and the image is the guiding thread of her practice.