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Images of the Seventh Day



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A beautifully designed monograph surveying the works of the highly acclaimed contemporary photographer.

Kenna’s photographs captivate viewers through their silent drama and magnetism: rather than being accurate descriptions of a place, the photographer seems interested in capturing the invisible lines which enclose space, and in so doing arousing a viewer’s imagination and reverie. Michael Kenna is an artist for whom the subject is above all the opportunity for a tremendous but constant variation in his view of the world.

Michael Kenna was born in England in 1953 but has been living in the United States for thirty years. Of the many showings of his works that have been held in public venues and private galleries, mention should be made particularly of those in museums in France, Japan and the United States, the latest being in the French National Library, Paris, in 2009.

Languages: English and French

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Weight 1815 g
Dimensions 27.9 x 28.8 cm
Publisher name Editions Skira Paris
Publication date 15 October 2020
Number of pages 272
Format Paperback / softback
Dimensions 27.9 x 28.8 cm
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