Milo’s Christmas Parade


The story of Milo, a little opossum with a big wish… to be a part of the annual Christmas parade!


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Jennie Palmer


Every year, Milo and his family sneak into the Christmas parade. His passel comes for the dropped bits of popcorn and peppermint sticks, but Milo comes for the view! Lucky for Milo, the parade is built in a big building right next door to his home. Inside, it’s Christmas all year long. Milo watches as the parade people create big balloons, costumes, and float fringe. Every year, Milo makes a wish to be part of it all. And, after wishing and wishing, this year, he finally decides to take matters into his own paws!
With lots of support from his passel (and one very trusty pigeon), Milo plots and paints; he sketches and schemes. But will his DIY float be able to hold its own in the big, chaotic parade?
From authorillustrator Jennie Palmer comes a celebration of Christmas, family, hard work, and believing in yourself.

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Weight 464 g
Dimensions 22.4 x 27.7 cm
Publisher name ABRAMS
Publication date 20 October 2020
Number of pages 40
Format Hardback
Dimensions 22.4 x 27.7 cm
Weight 464 g


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Jennie Palmer is the authorillustrator of The Wompananny Witches Make One Mean Pizza. Before making books for children, she worked in production design for 14 years, most notably for the Macy’s Parade Studio. She is a graduate of the illustration department at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She lives in Burbank, California with her family. Find her online at