A New Perspective on Women Graphic Designers in Europe


Featuring exclusively women graphic designers: promising newcomers and established studios are presented by brief introduction followed by selection of works.


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Silva Baum, Claudia Scheer, Lea Sievertsen


As a response to the predominantly male presence in the design scene, this book exclusively presents works by exceptional female designers. It is not about discovering something inherently “female” and defining “feminine” design, but to counter the male-dominated discourse of the sector. The carefully selected graphic works stand on their own and range from commissioned assignments via free artistic projects to the area of design research. They open new perspectives on how diverse contemporary graphic design can be. This presentation is complemented by interviews conducted with 22 female designers, sociologists, and design theorists. To shed light on the lacking visibility of women in the design sector, the authors especially focused on the design philosophy, perceptions, and ideals of the respective sectors and the experiences encountered in everyday work situations.

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Publication date 27 August 2019
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Dimensions 22.8 x 31.5 cm
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Silva Baum studied communication design in M√ľnster, Hamburg and Istanbul. She cur - rently works as an exhibition designer and develops wall graphics and typography, interfaces and editorial designs, as well as advertising media for museums and other cultural institutions. Following her professi - onal training as a media designer, Claudia Scheer studied design in Nuremburg and Hamburg. She works as a member of the muskat design company in Berlin with a focus on visual identities, packaging and publications.

Lea Sievertsen is studying graphic design in Hamburg and works as a freelance designer. In addition to her design work, she focuses on the theoretical aspects of practical design.