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Chris van Uffelen


The demands placed on office spaces and office buildings have intensified considerably in the 21st century through the digital revolution and the new realities of the internet age. Employees working in offices are a constantly growing part of the workforce and play an increasingly decisive and creative role in the economy. Consequently, this “human capital” needs better care than what the office clerks of the past received. In order to cultivate motivation and obtain top productivity it is in the interest of the employer to provide a most comfortable work environment. This has led to a wide variety of office space options like flexible combination offices and relaxing lounge workspaces, extended leisure time facilities as social hubs, ranging from saunas to cafeterias and pool tables. This volume showcases the most inspiring architectural innovations in this expanding field. The selection ranges from small-scale two-roomed offices, business hubs within other institutions such as hotels and airports, to sprawling corporate skyscrapers.

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