One Year In New York



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Darcel Disappoints


Darcel Disappoints, a semi-autobiographical creation by Craig Redman, is a humorous and optimistically dour character whose life has been chronicled weekly for nearly a decade on his blog,

In One Year In New York, Darcel recounts the highs and lows of life in the BigApple; sharing his adventures around the city in his usual amusing and endearing way. The book will follow his activities every few days in the form of a visual diary, with themed posts around holidays, special events, and New York’s iconic experiences.

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Weight 634 g
Dimensions 18 x 23.5 cm
Publisher name Viction Workshop Ltd
Publication date 20 June 2019
Number of pages
Format Hardback
Dimensions 18 x 23.5 cm
Weight 634 g


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